WHEN ARE TRYOUTS? Tryouts are held October 25-27. Head over to the Team Audition page to sign up!

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO AUDITION? Both boys & girls grades 7-12th grade in the Eagan School district can tryout.

HOW ARE TEAMS DECIDED? Teams are decided on the final day of tryouts. Dancers will be divided into different teams based on their tryout. Dancers can also be placed on a Varsity and a JV team for different styles, like Varsity Kick for one and JV jazz for another.

HOW IS TRYOUTS SCORED? Tryouts are scored by a panel of judges, including the coaches & outside judges from the dance world. Dancers go through stations for skills, combos and routines. Dancers will then have all scores taken into account for the results of their final tryout.


HOW DOES A PARENT GET INVOLVED IN BOOSTER CLUB? Message our Booster Club, we love having parents involved as much as possible!

WHATS THE DIFFERENCE OF STYLES? High Kick is a style of dance focusing on precision, kicks, and formations. While jazz focus a lot of musicality and technique.

HOW IS DANCE TEAM JUDGE? Head over to the JAM judges page to find score sheets and informations

WHAT FUNDRAISERS DOES EDT DO? EDT does a lot of fundraisers throughout the year to help offset costs, like costumes, transportations, coaches and more. Our big fundraisers would be our Fall Mini Clinic and our Egg My Yard. We also do Gerten fundraisers, dinners at Chipotle, Davanni’s, & more.